Fraudster who conned women out of thousands faces jail for re-joining Tinder and Bumble


A serial online dating fraudster who scammed thousands of pound out of women faces more prison time for re-joining Tinder and Bumble.

Amir Tofangsazan, who once posed as an internationally-recognised doctor like Netflix conman Dirty John, was jailed for seven years and nine months in 2015 after being convicted of 15 counts of fraud.

He was jailed again last January for three years after getting hold of a phone while on day release from prison and scamming three more women on Tinder.

One victim lost £4,000 after Tofangsazan told her he was a respected international trauma surgeon called Dr Jason Fleming.

In true crime Netflix series Dirty John, serial conman John Meehan tells his victim he is an anesthesiologist who had worked for Doctors Without Borders.

A judge at Lewes Crown Court issued an order banning Tofangsazan from owning a phone or laptop without telling police, and from signing up to dating apps like Tinder after hearing he had a history of romance frauds.

But Tofangsazan, from Barnet, north London, is now facing more jail time after admitting six counts of breaching a criminal behaviour order.

Wood Green Crown Court heard he joined Tinder on or before January 20 this year and joining Bumble on or before March 13 this year.

He also admitted having two phones, a laptop, and moving house without telling police on or before July 15 this year.

Tofangsazan is currently in Pentonville Prison after being recalled for his last prison sentence.

Bethan Rodgers, defending, said she wanted to order a psychiatric report for Tofangsazan as prison time had “no impact” on his behaviour, which suggested the offending was “compulsive”.

She said: “We wish to apply for a psychological report. The defendant has a significant history of exactly this kind of offending. It seems as if there’s somewhat of a compulsive nature to do it.

“Despite having served a prison sentence in the past, it has had no impact on his behaviour.”

During the 2015 court case, Isleworth Crown Court heard Tofangsazan created a number of fake profiles over two years to fool women into dating him.

Once he had gained their trust, he would ask them for loans or money for flight or events tickets that would never be paid back.

One woman lost up to £15,000 but he was caught out when another victim found a note in his pocket containing his real name and Googled it to find he had been involved in a string of other frauds.

Tofangsazan will be sentenced at Wood Green Crown Court on January 12.