Mum’s long battle to have ‘freaky’ ceiling hole fixed that scares her children


Two young girls are scared to go to sleep after a ‘freaky’ hole formed in their bedroom ceiling.

Chloe Astin reported a leak in the bedroom shared by her two oldest daughters – aged six and eight -in early September, and again on September 30 following heavy rainfall.

Several weeks later a hole appeared in the roof which broke through to the ceiling, Lancs Live reported.

It has now been there for two weeks and is only getting worse.

“It is in a bedroom which my two oldest girls are in,” Chloe, from Blackpool, said.

“My youngest who is two has her own room and the older ones share.

“They hate sleeping in the room because they said it’s scary and freaky that there’s a hole in it.

“There are bits of plaster and whatever else it is falling down onto the desk.

“Every time I go up there seems to be more bits breaking down.”

Now the 28-year-old taxi operator is urging property provider Blackpool Coastal Housing to fix the hole.

“On September 30 I sent them a message saying that I was worried that the ceiling was going to fall through because it was raining quite heavily and it was leaking in,” the mum-of-three said.

“I email them and ring them all the time. The receptionist people are so lovely and helpful, but when they say they’ll pass it to management I don’t really get anything.

“I haven’t had a call back from management at all.”

John Donnellon, chief executive of Blackpool Coastal Housing, said the company “always tries to respond quickly to emergency repair requests and has a good track record of doing so.”

“In this particular case the roof was fixed promptly and a leak dealt with,” he added.

“Making good the internal plasterwork has been delayed by the second lockdown but is now scheduled for the first week of December.

“We understand our tenant is content with the situation.”